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My work:

Early 2007 I started as co-founder with Vector Fabrics, a high-tech start-up in the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) domain.
Before that, I worked for several years in Philips Research Eindhoven, located at the high-tech campus. When NXP was launched out of the former Philips Semiconductors division, I joined NXP research.
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Personal interests and hobby:

My wife, two boys, my house

These leave almost no time for the other items :-)

DIY (Do It Yourself) high-end audio

I like to design and create my own audio devices, and do this together with some friends in the neighbourhood that share my passion. Some of my projects are:

My 4th generation of Audio D/A converter 'DACXpresso',currently in design and test phase..

The 'relaiXed' preamplifier project, since Dec. 2012 in its 3nd generation in SMD format. Before that, the first relaiXed preamplifier was published in the Dutch 'Elektor Audio Special', December 2007.

An audio input selector and volume control, to be used as passive pre-amplifier, or (recommended) as building module into an active pre-amplifier or integrated amplifier.

I created a new web-page with a calculator to configure your own relay-based attenuator circuits.

My earlier (3rd) Audio DAC. It features 4 digital inputs (3 coax, 1 optical), sample rates of 44.1kHz, 96kHz, and 192kHz, and full 24-bit resolution. This is an all-new design, based on experiences with the older DAC design in which I participated.

My single-ended triode (300B) based main amplifier. It has has a DC-coupled signal path from cinch input to the output transformer. This is realised with a stacked (2x 400V DC) power supply. Picture of experimental version, mono, delivering about 12 Watts.

Furthermore, I cooperate with tentlabs in the design of some of their products, in particular related to the digital processing. tentlabs logo

Reading fantasy novels

Unfortunately only during vacation periods I find time for my preference to really long novels.
Truly enjoyable is: The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, which has many sites of fans.

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